Local Gun Advocates: “We are not the Villains”

President Trump's Proposed Gun Changes met with Mixed Reaction

The debate over gun violence, it’s root causes and what exactly to do about it reached a fever pitch this past week. Local supporters of the 2nd Amendment say it is passed time to have an open dialogue.

Gun advocates like Jon McMullen tell First News they are not the villains here.

“Some people collect race cars or Hummel figurines, rare paintings, rare bottles of wine. Whatever it is, it’s hard to explain necessarily why a person is drawn to a certain thing a lot of people might want to say we’re a bunch of 3 headed monsters because we collect firearms and guess what? We’re not.”

President Trump’s recent flurry of proposals including arming educators received high praise from his clientele.

“I think the teachers ought to be prepared and trained.”

But raising the minimum age to 21 to legally purchase was met with stiff resistance from the business owner and Fort Benning transplant.

“If they want to do that why don’t we do that for everything? So why don’t we do it for Driver’s Licenses? We’ve done it for alcohol, how about tobacco? How about joining the military? Can’t join the military until you’re 21.”

McMullen says the AR 15 has been around more than 50 years. Firearms aren’t the issue.

“You can argue video games. You can argue single parent homes. You can argue psyche meds.”

The President’s sudden about face on Mental Health and Background Checks is exactly where lawmakers need to act calling the current system a “total failure”.

“The reporting on the back side through the mental health agencies, through HIPPA, through all those other things that has to be able to hit the background check system Right now, it’s not.”

Whether it’s tightening up those background checks or addressing the mental health crisis in this Country, both sides agree on one thing. Inaction is not a viable answer.

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