Heat Set To Ease

Heavy Storms Return

Patches of low clouds and fog will once again shroud the sunrise for some locales this weekend.  That said, Saturday will be the latest in a string of very warm days; record high temperature days.

That all changes Sunday as a storm approaches with numerous showers and thunderstorms.   Although the risk of a severe thunderstorm isn’t great, it also isn’t zero.  Caution is advised for locally heavy rain and gusty winds.   As this storm stalls, additional rain is likely Sunday night and Monday, allowing for significantly cooler weather.   The rain will also aid in the collapse of high tree pollen; at least temporarily.

Warm weather will return Tuesday afternoon through most of the remainder of next week.  However, severe storms are possible with this next round of high warmth/humidity on Thursday.  Cooler weather should then set up shop for several days, just in time for the following weekend.   Stay safe and enjoy the great outdoors!

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