Student Questioned After Making Social Media Threat Toward Auburn Junior High School

A social media threat was made by a student toward Auburn Junior High School.

On February 20, 2018, the Auburn Police Division was notified by Auburn City Schools officials of a 12-year-old student from J.F. Drake Middle School possibly using threatening language . Both police and school personnel investigated the report, identified the student, and determined, on the same day, that there was no threat to the school. Another report, early on Wednesday, February 21st, related to the same information from the 20th, was immediately determined to be fabricated by another student.

On Thursday, a concerning social media post was reported by a student at Auburn Junior High School. The school administration and Auburn Police investigated the report and identified the person who made the post. It was determined that the post was sent as a prank several months ago and recently re-circulated. The Police Division and school officials have thoroughly investigated the matters and it has been determined that the post does not represent a valid threat to the school.

Auburn City Schools released this statement about the incident:

“This morning, Auburn Junior High School’s administration was notified of an incident involving a student who posted on social media a threat towards the school. Following an investigation into the matter, it was determined that the Auburn Police Department Detective Division be notified and as a result, an Auburn Junior High School student has been taken into custody. At this time, the investigation is still ongoing. Auburn Junior High School personnel continues to remain vigilant and open to legitimate concerns for our students’ and faculty members’ safety and security. We encourage parents to have conversations with their children about the seriousness of making threats of any nature regardless of the intent.”

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