Two Chambers County Jailers Accused of Sexual Misconduct with Female Inmates

Two Chambers County jailers accused of sexual misconduct with female inmates.

An inmate complained to her attorney about 13 year veteran, Cpt. Teddy Hancock and that lawyer passed he allegation on to the Sheriff Sid Lockhart on February 5.

Hancock then arrested and fired on February 16.

Hancock charged with two counts of custodial misconduct, which is a Class C felony.

Another complaint had been filed previously against Cpt. Hancock.

“There was one against Cpt. Hancock, but it was found to be unsubstantiated,” said Major Mike Parrish with the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office.

Major Parrish said Hancock was well liked around the Sheriff’s Office and jail. His arrest, unexpected.

A second jailer arrested on the same charge.

Kenneth Nolan, Jr. was employed with the Sheriff’s Office before, but in this position, as a correctional officer, for only four months.

Back in November 2016, a female inmate complained of sexual misconduct by Nolan.

A grand jury recently indicted him, leading to his arrest.

“We will hold these correctional officers to a high standard and conduct. This is not tolerated and we will prosecute them,” said Major Thomas Sims, with the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said these arrests are a first and say no previous charges of sexual misconduct against any jailers there before.

Investigators would not comment about whether the two arrested officers allegedly engaged in isolated misconduct or if the behavior happened over a longer period of time.

Hancock and Nolan both released on $5,000.

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