Race To A Record

High Humidity Next Week

No record temperature was set on Friday, despite the super-duper warm air.   That’s ok, there’s more where that came from.

Rather cloudy skies will occupy the weekend as a weak cool front limps into the region with a shower in spots.   A gusty breeze will aid in the development of near-record temperatures Saturday.   In the wake of said front, it won’t be as warm come Sunday, but still way above average.  Really, outside of the minor shower threat, this is a weekend to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty!

The apex of this recent run of warm air will likely hit early next week with 80+ degree weather; the first time since the first week of November.   In time, with higher humidity returning out of the Gulf of Mexico, we can see some thunderstorms developing around the middle to latter stages of next week.

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