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Near-Record Temps For Days

The beautiful warmer air that arrived Thursday will continue to be present over the next several days, although there will be some fluctuations.

Low clouds will redevelop overnight through a part of Friday, after daybreak, along with some fog.  Nonetheless, enough sunshine will return for the midday and afternoon hours to challenge record high temperatures.   While that does increase evaporation rates, the latest drought monitor does show vast improvement over the past week.  Unfortunately, we’re not out of the woods just yet, as little to no wet weather is expected for the rest of this week..

A weak front limping in from the north this weekend will likely stall nearby; leaving the chance of a shower.  However, with no real push of higher moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, no appreciable rain is expected.   Some locales may not even see a drop of rain!  So, while temperature will trend downward the second half of this weekend in the wake of the front, there is no cool air available to be tapped.

Additional warmth returns early next week, in time for Presidents’ Day/Washington’s Birthday; Monday.   We’ll have another run at record temperatures via a partly sunny sky and high humidity.  The last time 80 was toppled was during the first week of November last year.

In time, higher moisture will funnel out of the Gulf of Mexico, and work with the available sun to destabilize the atmosphere.   All of that lending toward the prospect of a shower and thunderstorm during the middle to latter stages of next week.     In the meantime, enjoy the break on heating your house or apartment.

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