German Shepherd Caught in House Fire Makes Full Recovery

Imagine, your house burns down and your dog is trapped in the fire. It happened to an Alabama family. But, this story has a happy ending.

4-year-old German Shepherd, Adler, trapped inside his owners burning home.

“It’s bad enough for the house to burn and lose everything. I’ve had Adler since a puppy and that was the most important thing,” said Brad Mullins, Adler’s Owner.

First responders pulled Adler from the blaze.

“He was dead at the time when they pulled him out. The firefighter saw him take one breathe laying on floor and pulled him out and performed CPR and hooked an IV up to him,” said Mullins.

The first responder who performed CPR has a relative whose a veterinarian. So, he called him up and the veterinarian walked him through how to give CPR to an animal.

Then when he was stable enough, they transported him to a Dadeville veterinarian.

That veterinarian worked hard to keep him alive. But, it was touch and go until Adler got to the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine.

He was in the ICU for 10 days. He had no burns on his body. He just inhaled a lot of smoke, which caused upper airway inflammation. He also was treated for eye ulcerations.

“Originally he couldn’t walk. He needed a lot of help, 2-3 people to even get him up. He had a true seizure a few days into it his hospitalization stay. He was quieter after that, but after that he ramped up his healing. He got up, moved around, started eating and would get excited to see his owners. By the time he left, he was able to walk. He almost pulled Dr. Bacek out the door to see his dad and mom,” said Dr. Laura Lowe, Veterinary Resident in the Emergency and Critical Care Hospital.

A few weeks later, Adler is healthy and adjusting back to his old life.

“When he came in, it could have gone in so many different directions and having the EMT and firefighters, his regular veterinarian, everyone was so wonderful leading up to the point. We were lucky to see him at the point he was at and his owners are wonderful,” said Dr. Lenore Bacek, Asst. Clinical Professor at Emergency and Critical Care Hospital.

The team, working together to nurse Adler back from the brink.

“It was a miracle he made it as long as he did much less as far as he has today,” said Mullins.

Even more good news, Adler’s owners didn’t have to pay a dime for his care. Auburn helped by lowering the cost and people in their hometown and from the Lake Martin Animal Shelter, raised enough money to pay off all the vet bills.

The Mullins said the fire department ia still not sure what caused the fire on January 3, 2018. But, they said a lamp or even an iPhone charger might have sparked the fire.

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