Approaching Record Warmth!

Who's Afraid Of A Little Sweat?

It’s been almost a week since we’ve been able to see the sunrise.  Don’t bother setting the alarm to view it Thursday, unless you’re a fan of clouds, fog and drizzle!

After a damp start in spots Thursday, the afternoon will feature peek-a-boo sunshine and warmer weather.   The record high temperature in Columbus Thursday and Friday is 82.  We won’t be too far away!

Clouds will continue to win out over any amount of sunshine into this weekend, but the prospects of wet weather are not great.  A weak cool front will limp in from the north with the chance of an occasional shower, but don’t get too excited for much.   You can keep outdoor plans, but have something to fall back on if you do run into a shower.

A light southerly flow of air early next week will pump up the warmth and humidity.   If we could squeeze out enough sunshine, 80 degrees isn’t out of the realm of possibilities.  Whoa!   While there is a chance of a stray shower early next week, there is a greater probability of thunderstorms later in the week.   Stay tuned.

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