Family Recreates Olympics

An Olympic village in their own backyard

One family that couldn’t make it all the way to South Korea has created the next best thing- an Olympic games in their own backyard.

Katie Crowther tested her mettle at their Olympic village in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

It all came down to one shot. My team had my back and celebrated as if I earned them a gold medal.

This may not be Pyeongchang, but for these kids and me it’s better. Its grandma and grandpa Liepalm’s house.

“We all get along. That’s amazing in itself.”

Complete with an Olympic flame on the roof. Plus, the iconic rings and a daily lighting of the torch.

Besides hockey, there’s snowboarding, curling, and a luge that will take you on the ride of your life.

“With forty-three nieces and nephews, you got to think large scale fun and what’s larger scale than the Olympics?”

It was a lot of work for Uncle Nate and his helpers to put together.

But the waiting and work is so worth it.

“It’s been amazing just to hang out with my family and friends and just to be together I guess.”

Grandpa and grandma Liepalm have thirteen and forty-three grandkids with another on the way.

That means they have a team bigger than most countries in the Olympics.