Markale Hart Faces Two Additional Charges Before Retrial

The December trial of Markale Hart ended in a hung jury.

He’s the man accused of shooting and killing Auburn Football player Jakell Mitchell.

Hart will be re-tried at the end of this month.

But, Lee County Judge Christopher Hughes wanted a hearing ahead of time to discuss some potential jury questions in this case.

Since its a self defense case, there’s some unusual facts and legal scenarios that ultimately led to the jury unable to make a decision in the first trial.

For instance, jurors in the first trial wanted to know under Alabama’s Self Defense Law, could Hart defend himself and others, even though he’s a convicted felon.

“The judge just wanted to address it beforehand so we aren’t addressing it during the trial and taking up valuable time when we need to be moving through this case,” said Lee County District Attorney Brandon Hughes.

Hart also faces two additional charges in his next trial. He was indicted by a grand jury in January and will now be facing one count of manslaughter, one count of certain persons forbidden to carry a firearm in addition to his existing murder charge.

Hart’s hearing will be February 9 at 11 am. CST.

His retrial is set for Monday, February 26.

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