EF0 Tornado Confirmed

More Weekend Storms

An EF0 tornado was confirmed by the National Weather Service.  The storm that spawned the tornado and uprooted nearly 100 trees in and around Junction City, GA in Talbot County occurred Wednesday morning.   The remnants of that same system is now strung out across the northern Gulf of Mexico and the Florida peninsula.

Quiet, bright weather will the rule Friday morning.  However, a southerly flow of air from the Gulf of Mexico will lead to more clouds; even a couple showers later Friday and Friday night.

Higher humidity will eventually return this weekend, aiding in the development of heavy thunderstorms.  Those thunderstorms will end up being slow-moving entities that can produce isolated flash flooding.  So, while it will most certainly not rain all weekend long, any thunderstorm can lead to some problems.   Keep an eye to the sky, and right here for the latest details.

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