Mystery Suspect Takes Stand in Triple Murder Trial

Marcus Dermer Wore Caleb Short's Clothes and Shoes after Murders

Prosecutors called a 4th suspect, Marcus Dermer who bailed at the last minute but had a real problem recalling the facts.

Marcus Dermer was pressed for details on the witness stand about the triple homicide but time and again had trouble jogging his memory.

“I don’t know.”
“I don’t know.”
“Um I don’t remember, I don’t know.”

One thing Dermer was sure about, the three defendants were his friends but being with his girlfriend was more important that night.

“6 o’clock rolled around I’m still chilling at the girlfriend’s house and Rufus calls asking where I was and I told him I ain’t gonna be able to make it.”

Challenged under cross examination by Jennifer Curry who noted the inconsistencies in his statements about Rufus Burks to police, Dermer lashed out at the defense attorney.

“I’m having a really bad day and you are really poking my temper right now.”

But he wasn’t about to find a sympathetic ear in court after Curry got him to admit he searched for Caleb Short on Facebook after the murders curious about the teenager his friends killed

and later photographed wearing Caleb’s name brand tennis shoes and clothing.

“That is me and Rufus Burks.”

Prosecutor: “Wearing Caleb’s clothes?”

Dermer: “Wearing Calebs, shoes, clothes, (inaudible).”

Prosecutor: “No further questions.”

The police department’s computer forensic analyst also taking the stand to confirm cell phone calls between the prime suspect Jevarceay Tapley and Rufus Burks.
The cell phone tower data also confirms that long trek all the way from South Columbus to the Short’s home in Upatoi.


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