Caleb Short to Killer: “You better be Playing”

Codefendant Raheam Gibson Testifies in Upatoi Triple Murder Trial


The jury must determine to what extent Rufus Burks was involved in the crimes. His defense attorney Jennifer Curry has long maintained this was a one man job but those crime scene photos indicate otherwise.

A crime scene technician introduced grisly photos of all three victims bound at the feet, their hands tied to their necks and at least two of the victims had painters tape wrapped around their heads.

Jurors saw the murder weapon up close too. A 20 pound weight used to bludgeon the victims and a pocket knife used to stab Gloria Short and Gianna Lindsey who were discovered just three feet apart in the home. Prosecutors noted there were two distinct bloody shoe prints near the 10 year old victim.

The state called their star witness Raheam Gibson to the stand, one of the three men accused of the attack.

Gibson, a neighborhood pal of Jevarceay Tapley told the court Tapley, a life long friend of the Short family hatched the plan  to burglarize the home.

“He wanted to do a Lick…”

But Gibson got scared when they got to the house and stayed on a street corner but not before witnessing Tapley and Rufus Burks lure Caleb outside a bedroom window and tie him up.

“Caleb said you better be playing.”

Gibson told the jury he never saw Caleb again and twenty to 30 minutes passed before he was ordered into the Shorts’s Volkswagon and left the scene without entering the home

Gibson testified he had no idea what happened inside until two days later when he watched the news.¬† He told his sister and it was Raheem Gibson’s mother who ultimately went to police providing a big break in the case.


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