Hostess to Give Employees Sweet Bonuses

Hostess Announces Cash Bonuses for Employees with Additional Weekly Gifts of its Baked Snack Cakes

(CNN)- Numerous companies have announced cash bonuses or raises for employees this year thanks to the GOP’s new tax plan.

Hostess is going to make its deal even sweeter.

People who work for Hostess Brands are getting a year supply of the company’s baked products.

That includes lunch-box favorites like Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Sno Balls.

This is how it works: Each week, all of the company’s 1,300 employees will receive a multi-pack of a product the company selects.

Hostess is not only giving its bonuses entirely in sugar.

All of Hostess’ more than 1,000 hourly employees will also get a $750 in cash and $500 deposited in their 401-K accounts.

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