Sneak Peek: “A.P. Bio”

A look at NBC's newest comedy

(NBC) The opening moments of “A.P Bio” provide a pretty stark introduction to Whitlock High School’s newest teacher, Jack Griffin.

Glenn Howerton plays Jack, a disgraced Harvard philosophy professor who resorts to taking a job at a Toledo high school teaching AP biology to a class of overachievers.

“It’s basically the kids are saying, please teach us. And the teacher, me, refuses to the teach them, and instead, I use them for things I want to do, rather than teach them anything,” Howerton explains.

That includes helping Jack get revenge against a former rival professor.

Patton Oswalt plays the principal trying to keep his bitter new teacher on the rails.

“I am the road manager for a rock star and we just have to get him to the stadium, please!” Oswalt says of their relationship.