Groundhog Fever!

6 More Weeks Of Winter?

Friday starts off the Groundhog Day festivities.  What will you be doing when the sun comes up?  We’ll be in the wake of our latest cold front with the ground being damp in spots at that hour.  Clouds will give way to sunshine otherwise.   However, a chilly gusty wind will top 20 mph at times, making for FeelsLike temperatures in the 40s during the afternoon; definitely a chillier day.

Sunshine will give way to clouds Saturday; not a bad day to get outdoors and enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty.   Rain arrives Saturday night, continuing for several hours on Sunday; great reason right there to stay inside and watch the big game on NBC!  Plus, we need the rain given the latest drought information.

Monday marks National Weatherperson’s Day.  Ahem.   Mild weather will be around that day, and for a good part of next week, despite stormy weather around the middle part of the week.

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