Exclusive Interview: Mallory Hagan Announces Run for Congress

Opelika Native, Former Miss America says "People are ready for a Change"

Mallory Hagan is bolting from the TV news business because she doesn’t like what’s going on in Washington and the former Miss America says she’s tired of just talking about it.

“I think we spend a lot of time pointing fingers. Whose fault is it? When in reality what we really need is people to step up and take responsibility and work towards fixing it” Hagan said.

But beauty pageants and TV broadcasting are worlds away from Washington politics.

Hagan must now prepare to tackle such matters as the current healthcare crisis and how to protect the Homeland.

“We have to move past this concept that women are one dimensional. It is possible for me to love being on stage performing a talent and traveling around the world as Miss America speaking on behalf of my platform child sexual abuse prevention and also be concerned about our political climate and the direction of our Country and want to do something about it.”

The 29 year old says she is not naive to the political process recognizing  the salacious email scandal involving the now ousted Miss America officials discussing everything from Hagan’s weight to her sex life could be a sample of  what’s to come in the current political climate.

“Is it going to be painful if something happens that’s a personal attack sure, probably. Because I’m a human being. We all are but at the end of the day it takes thick skin to be a part of politics and frankly I have demonstrated over the last I would say five or six years that I have just that,”

Still, taking down Mike Rogers will be one tall order for the political rookie,  a Democrat in a Red District.

The 16 year incumbent sits on such powerful committees as the Armed Services Committee and Homeland Security Committee.

“Well, I think that it’s not going to be easy right? That the history of voting in this District says that the odds are in Mike Rogers favor however, I do know that people are ready for a change.”

Hagan has until February 9th to officially qualify for the race and would have to stave off any potential democratic challenger in the primary to ultimately square off against Mike Rogers in November.

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