Construction On Schedule for New Facility at Jordan-Hare Stadium

Construction is underway for part of Jordan-Hare Stadium. An 18 month, $28 million dollar project many students and fans are excited to see.

“I think it’s exciting, expanding on the stadium. It’s something I look forward to seeing next season,” said Melanie Vynalek, Auburn University Sophomore.

“I think anything new that they build is exciting. The school has been around for a long time and it’s all about traditions and they are introducing new things, so it’s exciting,” said Allie Bartlett, Auburn University Freshman.

It will be five stories with three levels. Holding a game day support facility, a new locker room, recruiting lounge, an Olympic recruiting space, a new press box and more.

“Really the need from a football standpoint is making sure we are providing an experience for prospective student athletes that is comparable to our peers, the conference and even nationally,” said Gregory Forthofer, Associate Athletic Director for Capital Projects.

And with this, they have some surprises come the new season.

“There’s a lot of fun things in this project that are going to be exciting for fans, prospective student athletes, current athletes, there are some surprises we want to keep under wraps right now,” said Forthofer.

Some students adapting to the construction on campus.

“It’s something you get used to being on a college campus there’s always construction going on,” said Vynalek.

But, others are ready for a completion date.

“I think it’s a bit of a headache because students are trying to get to class, so it’s tough,” said Jeremiah Kitchens, Auburn University Sophomore.

University officials said they understand student’s frustration, but say be patient because in the end this facility will get everyone ready for the season to start and be a space for everyone to enjoy.

“At the end of the day, we are hoping that it’s better than what it was. Our Facility Management team as well as the Athletic Department goes out of their way to make sure the traffic is not disruptive and handling it during basketball games and other events. So there’s a lot of time, attention and resources allocated to making sure there’s not a huge interruption througtout the students and athletes day,” said Forthofer.

They hope to have the new facility up and running by the first football game.

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