Suspect who Committed Triple Slaying Enters Guilty Plea

Jervarceay Tapley on Trial for Murders of Gloria Short, Son and Granddaughter

The goal was to find 12 fair minded jurors for the Upatoi Triple Murder trial but after hours of jury selection the prime suspect had another change of heart.

Jervarceay Tapley, the man investigators believe physically carried out the killings once again appeared in front of the court to enter a plea.

His defense attorney Shevon Thomas told the Judge having understood the gravity of a trial and the reality for all parties, Tapley was sure he wanted to enter a plea.

“Again, this is an emotional situation and it’s something he had to make on his own and you know he told me earlier I didn’t want to put this family through this I want to enter a plea and he did.”

The popular defense attorney said regardless of is role in the trial, he like everyone else has compassion for the Short family.

“I mean I’m a citizen of Columbus, Georgia. I thing that’s kinda ridiculous asking me what I would say the events you know they seem like they’re are decent people and I have no reason to be as remorseful and praying for that family as anybody in Columbus is. I just happen to be an attorney who has a job to do and I’m gonna do my job.”

Rufus Burks is the lone defendant who will stand trial now. Jury selection is expected to last the rest of the week.

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