Robbers Are Hitting the ‘Jackpot’ in the United States

American Banks are Being Warned about a New Threat: Jackpotting

(CNN)- Banks in the United States are being warned about a new hacking scheme.

It’s called “Jackpotting,” and it involves stealing money from ATM’s.

Authorities say robbers are using malware or hacking tools to get control of cash machines.

Once that is done, the money dispenses the cash inside quickly. As if the robber just hit the jackpot.

Secret Service officials say stand-alone machines, the ones in retailers and pharmacies, are especially vulnerable.

Jackpotting has been reported in Asia, Europe, but is a new threat in the United States.

At least six of this type of thefts have happened within the last few days, with more than a million dollars taken.

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