AU Gymnastics Opens Up On Recent USA Gymnastics Scandal


Just six days ago the gymnastics world was at a standstill. Longtime Michigan State and USA gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar would find out his fate after sexually abusing over 150 girls. The sentencing 40 to 175 years in prison.

On that day the Auburn University gymnastics team was preparing for a home meet.

“We felt the need to bring up this situation specifically and it didn’t go very far because none of the girls felt like it was an impact, which is a good sign,” says Auburn University gymnastics head coach Jeff Graba. 

Redshirt junior Abby Milliet competed in the world selection at the ranch, while Nassar was there back in 2011, the same place where many incidents were reported.

“I think we all kind of didn’t like the ranch at all like before all of that was even a thing it was just kind of like when you go to the ranch you like just lose connection with the world for like a week,” says Milliet. 

Coach Graba says he’s never had a problem with this kind of issue and the reason for that is having a system.

“I was coaching at the elite level and had an athlete who was there that was injured and they wanted her to meet with Dr. Nassar but our system meant that I was always in the in the room or one of our female coaches was in the room so we never really had any issue with it, I think that’s where the failure started was the system allowed a guy like that in,” says coach Graba. 

All in all the hope is to shed light on the positive side of the sport.

“The sport of gymnastics is inherently not bad, what i’d like to get across is there is a lot of good people out there doing a lot of good things and we need to change the top. We need to start from the top down because the main body of our sport is really good,” says coach Graba. 

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