U14 Columbus Cottonmouth’s Bring Home A Banner


For the U14 Columbus Cottonmouth hockey team, falling just short in tournaments was an unfortunate theme of the season. However, as the team traveled to Huntsville, Alabama for the Freedom Memorial Tournament they had one of their final chances to bring home a banner.

“We didn’t do as well before the tournament, but I felt like we were alive going into the tournament,” Says Gavin Bray. “We wanted to get that win really bad.”

That drive to win took them all the way to the championship game, where the game had to be decided in a shootout, but they never doubted their ability to win.

“I kind of had that feeling when we we’re going into the shootout,” Said Jake Williams. “The team usually comes together at the last minute, whether it s when we’re losing or not.”


After 3 shots by each team, the shootout was tied at one. Then the fourth shot from the opposing team hit Paige Miller right in the helmet.

“Ended up that I got a concussion from it, but I really didn’t think much about it at the time,” Says Paige. “Adrenaline was pumping, I was like yes! I made another save, we get to go to another round, another chance to win!

Paige would get three more saves and on the 7th shot of shootout Chloe Perakslis would score the game winning goal for the Cottonmouth’s.

“Just looked and I was like did we really just win? I looked at the bench and everybody started jumping over the bench and I was like oh my gosh we just won,” Said Paige. 

I skated right up to my teammates and I started hugging them because we just won,” Says Chloe.

And now the banner they won hangs in the Columbus Ice Rink.

“When you bring home a banner, it’s just pride,” Said Gunnar Williams. 

“It Means a lot to have that banner with the team we have this year. It’s an honor,” Said Jake Williams.

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