Auburn University Student Awarded Rhodes Scholarship, One of Only 32 in the Country

President Bill Clinton, Cabinet Member Susan Rice, television anchor George Stephanopolous.

What do all of those people have in common?

They were Rhodes scholars. Now, an Auburn student is joining their ranks.

Matthew Rogers is the son of a Two- Star General and a senior software engineering student at Auburn University.

“I think back about winning the scholarship occasionally and it’s a very nice moment,” said Matthew Rogers, AU Senior Awarded Rhodes Scholarship.

Winning one of the world’s most prestigious scholarships is not something Rogers ever thought he could do.

“When you go to Oxford, it’s almost like this mythical institute in some ways especially for Americans. The scholarship is almost a century old. You hear about people winning it, but you don’t meet the people who win it. So, it’s not something i saw myself winning,” said Rogers.

An honors student, Rogers maintains a perfect 4.0 GPA in the Auburn University College of Engineering. He has interned with companies which work with the NSA, NASA and U.S. Department of Defense. He is a National Champion in the Cyber Patriot Competition and he founded the Ethical Hacking Club, to raise awareness about cyber security issues.

“Cyber security and hacking things isn’t always an easy problem. It can be quite difficult, but you fall prey to some of the mistakes over and over again I find that kind of infuriating. So, it’s something I’m very interested in plus it changes all the time. So, it’s constantly advancing as a field, so it doesn’t get boring,” said Rogers.

2,000 students applied. Rogers is one of 32 selected to attend the University of Oxford on this scholarship this Fall.

“I think me being selected for the Rhodes scholarship, as well as two others finalist doing cyber security things as well, which I think is a good sign for the times and with the recent presidential election and everything else cyber security is coming more to the forefront of people’s minds. Like Equifax, all these things, are making people a bit more conscious about it, and I think that will just continue to improve over the next couple of years,” said Rogers.

Rogers plans to pursue a doctorate of cyber security and he’ll put that to use in industrial control system security; helping power plants, water, oil and gas companies keep their systems hack proof.

Rogers is the fifth Auburn University student to be awarded the Rhodes Scholarship.

Here’s the list of all of the Auburn winners.

Auburn Swimmer Jordan Anderson won it in 2009.

Golfer and Economics major Susan Karamanian was selected in 1980.

Birmingham attorney Ed Gentle was selected in 1978.

Hugh Long was selected in 1949. Long served in WWII and just passed away May 2017.

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