Railroad Construction wreaks havoc in Chattahoochee Valley

Norfolk Southern Railroad Construction traps Smiths Station Residents


Everybody we interviewed for this report had some  choice words for Norfolk Southern who barged into the Chattahoochee Valley with a massive Railroad project creating a major ruckus.

“Apparently it’s their Railroad, they own it , they own the right-of-ways and they can do anything they want.”

And Norfolk Southern did just that rolling into town with subcontractors allegedly in charge of communication and traffic control but for months now commuters have been rolling up on scenes like this one with little or no warning and no detour.

Columbus City Engineer Donna Newman tells First News City Officials have reached out multiple times to the powers that be to no avail.

“It has been very difficult and taken up a lot of staff time screening phone calls and trying to make contact with the Railroad and we have just had limited response the Railroad,” Newman said.

And they aren’t the only ones.

After weeks of attempting to speak to a Norfolk Southern Representative we received this gem via email just before this report aired, a five line response about proper steps the Railroad is taking.

Tell is to this lady, Lynn Mott who was trapped in her own subdivision for hours.

“In fact there were people trying to get out to go to work people that work at the hospital, kids couldn’t get to their parents. It was mass chaos actually.”

And Mott like so many others who spoke to us off camera has a message for the Railroad company.

“Like I said the biggest factor should be safety. You know my next door neighbor is wheelchair bound so no emergency vehicle could have gotten in or out of the subdivision to give care if someone had needed it. So I think the first thing they need to think about is how is this going to affect the area we are working in.”

Ultimately a contractor comes along to patch up the dirty work and life resumes to normal. Nobody’s mad anymore.

And if you are still mad, good luck finding someone at Norfolk Southern who cares.


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