Kids Allowed to Drink Alcohol at Home, Drink More

Your Health Minute

Teen’s whose parents provide alcohol, more likely to become binge drinkers.

Allowing teens to drink alcohol at home with parents does NOT prevent them from drinking outside the home.

Researchers conducted a study in Australia where is is more common for parents to introduce teens to alcohol.

Teens whose parents allowed them to drink at home were even MORE likely to get alcohol from other sources than teens not provided with alcohol.

And those who got alcohol from their parents and others were more likely to binge drink and abuse alcohol by the age of 18.

The study followed teens from 13 to 18 years old.

81-percent of those who got alcohol from parents and other sources reported binge drinking.

62-percent of those who got alcohol from other people only reported binge drinking.

25-of teens who were given alcohol by parents only reported binge drinking.



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