EXCLUSIVE: Murder Suspect Calls Mom after Triple Shooting

Dewayne Marquis Jones wanted for Killing LaShay Ford on Wickham Drive

Police Major JD Hawk tells First News this was no random event and that all three people shot knew the gunman.

The call came in just before 11 o’clock last night.  Three people in this house on Wickham Drive were sprayed with gunfire right through the front door.

Two of the victims sustained non life threatening injuries but 24 year old Lashay Ford was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

Allegedly at the hands of her own relative.

Detectives identified Dewayne Marquis Jones as the prime suspect and his mother who returned to the scene of the crime says he made a frantic call to her after the shooting.

“All he said was mom I love you. I didn’t do it and hung up,” Lenora Jones said.

The suspect’s mother says alcohol could have been a contributing factor to the sudden violent outburst among family members.

“I know he didn’t do this deliberately. You drinking you know they drinking and whatever. They just had words with the man of the house and they got to fighting, ” Jones said.

For now she says her primary goal is to have her son taken into custody peacefully.

“I’m going to bring him in. I’m gonna get my son to turn himself in. I don’t want him to kill himself over it. It’s not worth it.”


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