Deja Vu Friday Morning

Rain Pounces This Weekend

Stop me if you’ve heard this before…..a chilly morning gives way to a mild afternoon.  Yep, that’s our Friday alright!  Sun will give way to some clouds, but dry weather will linger.   Unfortunately, we need rain.  We’re currently under a moderate to severe drought.   Enter the rain doctor.   A storm pushing through the Inter-Mountain West will arrive this weekend with liquid gold.   The timing may throw a wrench into your outdoor plans, but keep in mind it will not rain all weekend.   While a shower may develop as early as Saturday afternoon, most of the rain will occur Saturday night into Sunday afternoon.

Meanwhile, a piece of cold air lurking over the Northwest Territories of Canada will break loose and come our way early next week.   This dose of cold should be short-lived, but it is a reminder that Winter isn’t done with us yet.  Enjoy!

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