Auburn Volunteers Travel to Houston to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

It’s been five months since Hurricane Harvey hit. Today, victims are still struggling to recover. A mission trip from Auburn to Houston, Texas sent volunteers to help rebuild.

10 volunteers from Auburn United Methodist.

“We drove up and it’s just a typical home and then we went inside and there’s no walls or flooring. They lost everything and we met the family and they shared with us that when they escaped, they had to put their daughter in a laundry basket to swim to the Hurricane Relief Center,” said Megan Burton.

Homeowners pulled up their sleeves to work alongside the church members. They repaired roofs and remodeled inside three homes.

“You get so comfortable in your life and other people are struggling and suffering with less than you have and to get out and spend a little time to help someone,” said Georgia Whelchel.

Months after the hurricane, there’s still so much work left to do.

“From what you’ve seen on the news, you don’t hear much about it and when you don’t hear about it, it’s not in your head, you’re not thinking about, what’s going on down there, you’re not thinking the tragedy that’s still real for all these people. The hell they have to live with everyday that they don’t have a home, air conditioning, they have to live in tents and in a hotel room and it’s really hard to think they’re are Americans living like that,” said Richard Williamson.

Many more in Houston still need help. In particular, they asked for tools and supplies to help repair their homes.

If you can help, visit the Red Cross or another trustworthy organization to donate.

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