5th Annual Alabama Oyster Social

A big party coming to raise oyster awareness and funds for the Auburn University Shellfish Lab.

The 5th and final Alabama Oyster Social puts the spotlight on oyster farmers and educates people about where their oysters come from and how they’re grown.

“If we don’t give back and restore the oyster beds, it will diminish over time,” said Caleb Fischer, Executive Chef at Acre.

Oyster farms are growing and using new ways to raise them.

“Putting it out there so people know where things are coming from and how it’s sourced and everything that goes along with it,” said Robbie Nicolaisen, Executive Chef at The Hound.

Organizers say you don’t have to drive all the way to the Alabama coast to get good oysters.


“It’s nice to understand how their farm is doing and be able to promote that with the community so they know the quality of Alabama oysters compared to other well known ones grown on the East or West coast,” said Scott Simpson, Co-Owner and Executive Chef at The Depot.

The event features raw, fried, grilled, and stewed oysters.

It’s Saturday, January 27 from 3 p.m.-6 p.m. at the ALFA Pavilion in Auburn.

Find out about tickets at www.alabamaoystersocial.com

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