Local Veterans Square Off for At Large Council Seat

John House and Tollie Strode Jr Announce Candidacy for Post 10

Candidates are coming out of the woodwork now offering themselves for public service in what promises to be a contentious election cycle on the home front.

Retired Army Colonel John House said the City has some issues so he’s decided to address them personally by running for public office.

“You know sitting back at my house in Midland and complaining is not going to get it fixed so if I’m worried about it, I’ve got to engage.”

House will square off against another popular Veteran Tollie Strode Jr in the non partisan race.

Strode announced his candidacy on his wife’s television show this past weekend.

“and I want to correct you on something. You’re not standing behind me, you’re standing with me as well as all of those people out there that have voiced their support.” Strode told his wife.

“And I am not running against Tollie Strode. I am running for this seat and that’s how I view it because I’ve always had a great relationship with Tollie and Gloria,” House said.

But he says it’s his passion not a competitive spirit that prompted his run.

“Part of that passion for public service was to be engaged in some manner and after a few years decided hey we need to get involved in politics. Marilyn and I decided that. I got her permission so I could do it.” House quipped.

No doubt both contenders wives play a prominent role in their lives.

Tollie Strode’s wife said he will not be available for comment until he officially kicks off his Campaign this Saturday.


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