Homeowners Say They Are Most Concerned About Ants in 2018

They are important to nature. They’re also a problem. We’re talking about ants.

According to a survey put out by Arrow Exterminators, ants are the number one pest concern for 2018.

The survey by the pest and termite control company surveyed almost 2,000 adults across the country.

That small mound in your yard could be a condo for 300,000 ants.

Even though it’s winter, don’t let the temperature fool you those pesky insects are still pretty active.

“They need something to eat and they are going to find it. If they run out of food or water outside, they will come into your home to look for it,” said Dr. Fudd Graham, Auburn University Research Fellow and Extension Specialist.

So, keep your counters clean and free of crumbs, dishes washed, and trash cans covered. Also, make sure your wood piles are not stacked up next to your house. A moist space underneath firewood is prime real estate for ants.

“One of the best things you can do is take good care of your lawn. Fertilize it, water it and mow it. A good lush lawn will help reduce fire ant mounds from setting up there,” said Dr. Graham.

Fire ants love high grass and, if they do move in, spray the mound with a fire ant bait. It’ll take about a week or two to kill them off.

“If you do what we recommend, which is use a bait and broadcast it and do it twice a year, they are the easiest pest to control. It’s not a once and done thing you have to treat them twice a year or they will return,” said Dr. Graham.

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