East Alabama Snow Day

Even though it’s a nightmare on the roads right now, kids did get a day off of school and many of them took advantage of that snow day.

“Opelika doesn’t get a lot of snow so it was cool,” said Stella George.

“It doesn’t snow much here in the south so its a lot of fun whenever it snows, but up north they go oh it snows yay but down here we have a lot of fun,” said Tripp Flannagan.

The kids were excited for the day off.

“Oh we don’t have school tomorrow and then everyone was crazy the rest of the day,” said Lilly Flannagan.

“Everyone started texting me like we are out of school we are out of school last time we had snow I had so much fun,” said Rylynne Fowler.

“They just started jumping out of their seats and screaming. I think the class next to us got distracted they were taking a test and when we got out of school my friend asked what was going on in your classroom and I said that was just our reaction when we found out we were getting out of school,” said Flannagan.

Some of them waited up all night to see the flurries come down.

Ii stayed up all night waiting for the snow,” said Flannagan.

“I set an alarm for like 6 a.m. so I can get up and play in it,” said George.

Parents were excited to experience this with their kids, even if they weren’t prepared.

“My 6-year-old put a jacket on with shorts on and was trying to run around and find his shoes. We aren’t used to it obviously that you have to dress up a certain way to go out and play with the snow a little frostbite, but they were up at 3 a.m. to see the initial snowfall,” said Angela George, Stella’s Mom.

“We are not prepared. Jeans are the worst. Don’t let your kids go outside in cotton, it soaks,” said Joanna Flannagan, Patrick, Lilly and Tripp’s Mother.

They’ll have one more day off of school because of the weather. Lee County Schools announced that there will be no school on Thursday.

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