Man Arrested for Murder in Fort Mitchell Road Rage Incident

Sheriff: Evidence will show Justin Davidson was Aggressor in Triple Shooting

26 Year old Justin Davidson was hauled into police custody here at the Midtown Medical Center charged with the murder of Retired MSG Lorenzo Freeman Sr.

Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor tells First News evidence shows Justin Davidson of Seale Alabama was the aggressor in the road rage incident last week and that Davidson fired the first shot

that sparked the deadly triple shooting.   Lorenzo Freeman’s son was the driver of the other vehicle involved and the he was coming to his son’s rescue when he was shot dead in the Dollar General parking lot.

According to multiple sources, Davidson is caught on surveillance video during the incident and there is no dispute about who fired first.

And it shows Lorenzo Freeman was attempting to leave the scene when gunfire erupted.

Davidson was arrested on a fugitive warrant, standard protocol for a suspect out of jurisdiction and faces a felony murder charge in Russell County.

Davidson will appear for an extradition hearing here in Columbus Wednesday morning.

He can waive his extradition or choose to fight it either way he will end up in the Russell County Jail on a 50,000 bond.

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