Say It Ain’t Snow!

Black Ice Could Be Bigger Concern

Relatively milder weather returned to the area Monday, and that trend will continue Tuesday, despite a chilly start.   However, this is all in advance of our next cold front, due to arrive Tuesday night.   Post-frontal precipitation will likely be in the form of light snow and flurries.   Since temperatures can be above freezing during the onset of snow, there will be initial melting on area roadways.   The big concern shouldn’t be the limited accumulation, but the freeze-up that follows, with black ice being a big concern.

Gusty winds behind this cold front will combine with the fresh cold air to produce FeelsLike temperatures in the 20s and low 30s on Wednesday.

Bright weather will round out the work-week before mild weather returns this weekend.   So, if you have outdoor plans for this weekend, keep ’em; if you don’t have outdoor plans, get ’em.  Enjoy!

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