Exclusive: Man shot dead in Road Rage Incident was Helping Son

Video Surveillance shows who fired First Shot in Fort Mitchell

Friends and family of the man shot dead after a road rage incident tell First News he was actually coming to the aid of his son when he was gunned down at the Dollar General.

Lorenzo Freeman SR’s son called last Thursday to tell him he was being followed in a road rage incident that reportedly originated in Columbus and lasted nearly 27 miles into Fort Mitchell.

Both drivers allegedly felt threatened by the other’s behavior on the roadway and both called to warn of potential danger to friends and family in Fort Mitchell.

Lorenzo Freeman sr didn’t want any trouble at home, just a few blocks behind the dollar General so he instructed his son to meet up at this intersection.

Witnesses say that’s when Freeman clashed with another former service member Justin Davidson of Seale, Alabama identified as the other driver involved.

According to sources with first hand knowledge of the incident there is indisputable evidence , surveillance video showing that the retired MSG was fired on first as he attempted to leave the scene prompting the gun battle. 

Freeman was shot by multiple weapons, sustaining multiple gunshot wounds and died at the scene.

Davidson and another man identified as Ernie May also sustained gunshot wounds and required surgery.

All because , according to Mr Freeman’s family he was attempting to spare his son any trouble.

The other two men who were shot during the incident, Davidson and Ernie May had their condition upgraded to Satisfactory at a local hospital.

Charges are forthcoming.

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