Bernice King Denounces Trump in M.L.K. Day Speech

President Trump and his reported comments about African nations were denounced at the annual

Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior Commemorative Service at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta today.

Doctor King’s daughter Bernice King told congregates that their voices were needed to communicate globally that

Mr. Trump’s reported profane slur doesn’t represent America’s true spirit.

King pointedly said the President’s words don’t always reflect Dr. King’s legacy. Bernice King said, “Our collective voice in this hour must always be louder

than the voice of one who may speak sometimes representing these united states, whose words sometimes do not reflect that

legacy of my father who was a patriot, but also a citizen of the world.

Ben Carson, the President’s only AfricanAmerican cabinet member, drew applause after saying that he doesn’t always agree with the President’s positions or language.

Carson said, “You know I’m a member of this administration, and I don’t agree with the President about everything that he says or of how it’s said.

I don’t even agree with everything that I’ve said in the past and there’s something to be said about understanding messaging, and if the way you say

things is so inflammatory that people can’t hear your message, it’s not helpful, that’s why I don’t do that anymore.”



President Trump himself had no public events planned on today’s holiday.

He spent time at his Florida resort and will travel back to Washington, D.C. on Monday night.

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