EXCLUSIVE: Three Men Identified in Deadly Road Rage Incident

Retired MSG Lorenzo Freeman Died from Multiple Gunshot Wounds

Employees at the Dollar General on Highway 165 hunkered down with customers locked inside after gunfire erupted around 7:30 last night.

Retired Master Sergeant Lorenzo Freeman was heading home here to this quiet military community in Fort Mitchell.

At least one of the drivers alerting others there could be trouble ahead.

“Mr. Freeman’s family was involved. He was involved and at this point this early in the investigation, that’s where I’ll leave that, ” said Sheriff Heath Taylor.

Ernie May and Justin Davidson were also traveling the same path from Columbus to Fort Mitchell.

All three men were armed and right after they rolled up into the store parking lot multiple shots were fired. The bullet holes littered the side of the building.

The retired soldier, and staunch Alabama fan was dead on the scene.

“It’s like I lost one of my brothers you know what I mean? I’ve lost a lot of Soldiers during my time in the military and I’m retired. I mean look around, it’s kinda like Mayberry. We’re still losing Soldiers”

What exactly escalated the situation to a full on gun fight remains a mystery for now.

“We’re getting video from both locations and that will help” the Sheriff said.

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