Scholar Athlete: Smiths Station Track & Field, Alonie Sutton

She has a 3.5 GPA, works almost everyday after school, and is a full time athlete.

Meet Alonie Sutton from Smiths Station high school. A senior who gave up the things she loves the most to take her talents to the next level.

“I used to play basketball, but this will be my first year not playing basketball. It was a hard decision because i’ve played basketball since the third grade, but when you get to like an upper level of running track and stuff like that it becomes hard to do two things,” says Sutton.

It’s paid off. She has received a full ride to Tennessee for track and field where she will compete in events like long jump and triple jump. The accolades do not come in short order. She made her mark early on at Smiths Station.

“State ninth grade I got second in long jump nothing in triple. I came in fourth in triple, and then tenth grade I got second in triple, third in long. Eleventh I won both and then this year we will see what happens,” says Sutton. 

One of her main focuses is to perform at a high level in the classroom.

“My mom does not play with the grades thing, but also I know it’s 50/50 because I know if something happens to me in track I have to have something to fall back on,” says Sutton. 

She plans to study kinesiology at Tennessee. Congradulations to Alonie Sutton of Smiths Station high school this weeks scholar athlete.

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