East Alabama Blood Banks Experiencing Shortage

East Alabama experiencing a blood shortage.

Folks at LifeSouth Community Blood Center said donations tend to drop during the winter due to people traveling from the holidays as well as the weather.

“Donations have dropped really low at this time. So, it’s put us in a shortage. We are hoping to get donors in, especially 0 negative because that’s the universal donor. They can donate to anyone, so that’s what we need right now, but we need all blood types because we are running really low on our supplies,” said Ronda Kindred, Donor Recruiter for LifeSouth Community Blood Center.

At LifeSouth Community Blood Center, the blood donated stays local and 100% supplies East Alabama Medical Center as well as Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital in Phenix City.

1 in 4 people who enter the hospital actually need a blood transfusion and many patients need blood on a regular basis. So, if you meet the requirements, please donate!

If you would like to know if you can be a donor, visit http://lifesouth.org/

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