Warm To Winter

And, Some Storms In-Between

A tattered blanket of clouds will help keep the warmth locked in through the rest of the work-week.  However, a large storm in brewing in the nation’s mid-section.   Said storm will tap into moisture from the Gulf of Mexico; the end result being some heavy showers and thunderstorms come Friday.   While severe weather is not likely in our area, caution is advised as some wind gusts can top 30 mph at times in the rain and storms.

Old Man Winter, currently residing in the Upper Plains, will arrive shortly after Friday’s stormy weather.   Winds on Saturday will gust 20-40 mph.  Factor in daytime temperatures no better than the 40s, and the stage is set for FeelsLike temperatures in the 30s that day, so dress appropriately.

Saturday will likely be the first of several cold, Winter days before a turn toward warmer weather returns for the latter half of January.   Stay tuned.

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