Box of Dead Puppies Found in Front of Auburn Business

City of Auburn Animal Control Now Investigating

Left for dead in the cold. A case of animal cruelty now under investigation.

A box of dead puppies discovered in front of an Auburn business.

Animal control is investigating to find out who did it.

A business owner off of S. College St. found the six puppies Friday afternoon around 3:30 p.m.

The business owner, though, hasn’t been there since December 27. So, Animal Control says these puppies could have been left there for a few weeks.

“At this point, we need people to come forward. If they saw anything suspicious or saw someone leaving a box somewhere in the area, call and let us check it out so we can rule it out,” said Krista Weldon, Senior Animal Control Officer for the City of Auburn.

Weldon said they’re only a couple weeks old and most likely died from the cold weather and exposure.

“It shouldn’t happen. We have too many resources for people to surrender their animal free of charge. It’s inhumane,” said Weldon.

Animal control is an option to call, but also if you live within the city limits of Auburn or Opelika, you can bring the animal to the Lee County Humane Society during normal business hours.

“There is no good reason on earth to dump an animal on the side of the road, leave it in a dumpster, leave it in a box in a parking lot, there are plenty of other resources for homeless animals,” said Mary Wynne Kling, Outreach & Development Coordinator for Lee County Humane Society.

If it’s outside of normal business hours, call Auburn or Opelika police. They have emergency kennels available for you to drop off the animal.

“The after hour emergency kennels aren’t open to the public only Auburn and Opelika police have access to them. They are monitored 24 hours a day by cameras so there’s no unauthorized abandonment by an animal,” said Wynne-Kling.

If you live in the county, Lee County Animal Control also has resources available for accepting unwanted animals there as well, free of charge.

Abandonment is against the law. So, those who dumped the puppies could face 6 counts of animal cruelty for each puppy, which holds up to a $500 fine for each and six months in jail per each citation issued.

If anyone saw or knows who dropped off the puppies is encouraged to call Auburn police or Auburn Animal Control. Also, if you would like to give-up your animal you can call:

Auburn Animal Control: (334) 501-3090
Opelika Animal Control: (334) 705-5480
Lee County Animal Control: (334) 737-7013
Lee County Humane Society: (334) 821-3222

To Report Animal Abuse, Cruelty or Neglect:

Auburn Police: (334) 501-3100
Opelika Police: (334) 705-5200
Lee County Sheriff’s Office: (334) 749-5651

If missing from the Lee County Area, please check Lee County Environmental Services at 100 Orr Avenue, Opelika AL 36804.

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