Ahhhhh, Warm!

But Don't Get Used To It

The warmest weather of 2018 has arrived!  However, it’s not setting up shop to stay.   While clouds and a sprinkle will start off Wednesday, some sun should return again due to a light breeze developing, helping to break up the clouds.   The combination of some sun and little to no wet weather will lend to a continuation of warm weather through the rest of this week.   That said, a large storm near the West Coast will arrive at week’s end.  Showers and thunderstorms will break out with the passage of the front, leading to a pretty wet day.   More importantly, the air in the wake of this storm originated over eastern Siberia.   The air will modify a bit on its way southbound, but another dose of Winter is certainly in the cards for us.   Factor in a gusty wind, and FeelsLike temperatures may struggle in the 30s come Saturday.   Below average temperatures are expected to stick around into next week; reason enough to get outside now and enjoy!

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