Georgia Hopes to Bring the CFP National Championship Trophy to Athens


The Dawgs have had a resurgence this season with the help from second year head coach Kirby Smart. This season Georgia finished conference 7-1, its best since 2012.

Flipping the program into a playoff team came with the help from two top tier running backs Nick Chubb and Sony Michel who decided to stay for their season season. One tailback that’s fallen in their shadow is redshirt sophomore Prather Hudson from Columbus, Georgia. He has been in all 14 games, both on special teams and as a backup running back. Hudson has the upmost respect for the guys in the starting role and vice versa.

“Nick and Sony have been really good mentors for me, making me learn step by step and it’s really great watching them and learning a lot from them because they are the best in the business,” says UGA tailback Prather Hudson.

“We get all the credit because we play on Saturday’s, but those guys give us the best look of the teams which help us be prepared to play other teams,” says UGA running back Sony Michel.

On the other side of the ball guys like junior inside linebacker Roquan Smith know the feeling of being in the limelight finishing out the regular season 10th on the Heisman campaign, Butkus award winner as the nation’s top linebacker, and many other honors but thats not his focus.

“You know just winning this game would be like more than any award that I could ever receive,” says UGA inside linebacker Roquan Smith.

Junior wide receiver Terry Godwin is just as excited to get the chance to be a national champion, something he never would have dreamed of back in high school.

“Most guys down there they come out and they play a lot of football but there is not many that get to go to a stage like this and I’m very blessed to be able to experience this and go through it with this group of guys,” says UGA wide receiver Terry Godwin.

Coach Kirby Smart spoke to the media for the final time this morning and one key factor was about the shorter break between the semifinal and championship game saying, “I think I saw early in the week the trouble with it, but as the weeks passed, these guys have been practicing for 15 games, and also they’ve had practice for bowls really 15 practices. You start looking at some of the cumulative effect, and you’ve got to be smart with your team. You’ve got to know what you’re doing. In a perfect world I’d like to have a little more time between the championship games, but that’s the way it fell this year, and that’s the way it is. So much time to prepare for one game, and then a really quick turnaround that creates a lot of pressure on these kids for the short turnaround.”

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