Slow Start To Warming Process

Could It Reach 70 Degrees Next Week?

A cold start Saturday will make way for a better, or let’s say not as harsh, afternoon via sunshine.

Milder weather will continue to pour into the region later this weekend and throughout next week.   The warming trend may be temporarily halted early in the week due to some rain.   However, our next storm may stall over the Gulf of Mexico.   If so, it would keep the heaviest of the rain away from our region, but also keep some clouds around throughout the week.  Regardless, 60+ degree weather is expected.   If enough sun returns later in the week, 70 degrees isn’t out of the realm of possibilities.   Now, that’s a turnaround!

Alas, it is still Winter.   A cold front at week’s end could signal another dose, albeit brief, of colder air for the following weekend.   Stay tuned, and stay warm.

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