Man shot Dead by State Trooper After Eluding DUI Checkpoint

Jarvis "Scotti" Lykes died from a Single Gunshot to Torso

The family of the man shot and killed by a Georgia State Trooper said he had to get to work by ten that night and was likely in a hurry when he turned around at a DUI Checkpoint on Cusseta Road.

Investigators say there was another reason Jarvis Lykes wanted to avoid police.

“We do suspect that having illegal narcotics in the car with any individual going through a DUI checkpoint would give a person a reason to try to avoid law enforcement.”

But possession of pot, powdered cocaine and a firearm is not justification for deadly force.

Georgia State Trooper Michael Nolen chased Lykes to Lumpkin Court where a violent confrontation followed.

Trooper Nolen fired a single gunshot to the torso and Lykes died at the Medical Center a short time later.

“I can’t really speak to the specifics of what occurred with this officer and what was going through his mind and how he interpreted the situation”, said Agent Wimberly.

Agent Wimberly says the GBI will rely on eyewitness testimony and an autopsy report to draw their own conclusions because trooper Nolen reportedly had a faulty dash camera.

“We do have documentation from the Georgia State Patrol that indicates that a repair order had been submitted to repair the camera in that particular vehicle.”

Meanwhile, friend and relatives of Jarvis Lykes braved bitter cold temperatures during a candlelight vigil to show support Thursday.

“The turnout shows that he was loved, that many people did love Jarvis. He wasn’t your average Joe. He was a family man, he really believed in family,” his cousin Tamika Scott said.

The sister of Jarvis Lykes told First News of the more than one hundred people who showed up, “I bet all these people knew Jarvis loved them, Jarvis cared for them. If you needed something, call Jarvis.”

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