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If you’re in recovery mode after new-year-celebrations, Hollywood’s got your cure. Raphael Seth takes a look at what’s new in home entertainment in this week’s video view.

Tom Cruise feels the need for speed in the bonus features for “American Made.” This 80’s adventure is based on the real-life of former airline pilot Barry Seal. He’s recruited by the CIA to do a little under-the-radar dirty work in South America… an operation that becomes known to the world as the “Iran-Contra” scandal.

Ben Stiller has a mid-life meltdown in “Brad’s Status.” He’s a middle-class dad doing campus tours with his son. But the strolls across the quad take Ben back to his old college days and the success that has eluded him… especially when compared to former classmates who have scored riches and fame.

Harry Dean Stanton sings his swan song in “Lucky.” The veteran of numerous films such as Alien” and “The Green Mile” passed away last fall. But he leaves behind this character study of a chain-smoking atheist… Who reexamines his values and routines as he nears the end of the road?

That’s the video view, Raphael Seth for NBC News.


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