It’s Sunny And Warm Somewhere; Just Not Here

Think Warm Thoughts

Frigid weather has set up shop across the South.   Despite plenty of sunshine, or at least a partly sunny sky, for the rest of this week, it will remain c-c-c-cold.

A storm running west to east across the Gulf of Mexico at midweek will blossom into a large storm over the southwest Atlantic.   While no wet weather will return this far north with that storm, it will help draw reinforcing cold air into the region.   Nighttime low temperatures will be in the teens and 20s through Saturday.   Record low temperatures may be in jeopardy by Friday morning.   Regardless as to whether or not record temperatures are set, it is dangerously cold, so remember your pets, pipes and plants!

Relatively milder weather returns later this weekend into early next week, allowing our next storm to bring a cold rain instead of snow.   Stay safe and warm.

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