Auburn Football Focusing on Not Committing Turnovers


The Auburn tigers will have to go back to a place they are all too familiar with tomorrow afternoon. Mercedez-Benz stadium where the painful loss of a conference championship still hangs over the heads of a team that overcame so much to get there.

It’s no secret that Auburn had a huge momentum swing midway through the season with a big loss over LSU, but it is how they responded that got peoples attention.

They staged a 5 game win streak to catapult them into the SEC championship game.

One of the main reasons for defeat was turnovers.

This is something head coach Gus Malzahn has put the focus on into this game as they face a very good UCF defense who is tied for 5th in turnovers gained in the FBS. 

“Earlier in the year we didn’t do a very good job protecting the football the first few games and then we kind of got in a rhythm. Did a really good job protecting the football. Obviously the last game, that’s really what stuck out to me. We had two critical turnovers, and you know, the better opponent you play, the more important that is. It’s hard to overcome. This game is no different, and it will be very important,” said Malzahn in today’s press conference. 

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