Whether Or Not You’re Ready, The Weather Turns Colder

A Couple Nice Days Before The New Year

The recent chill will linger throughout Friday morning as clouds continue to be a major factor.   A shower will dot the landscape on Thursday, but most areas are expected to have a run of drier weather.

Clouds will exit Thursday night, allowing the sun to return for Friday and Saturday.   After chilly starts, the afternoon hours of these days will be quite nice and made for outdoor activities.

Another storm will approach Sunday into Monday morning.   At the same time, very cold air will try to catch up to the tail-end of wet weather by New Year’s Day morning.   If it does so, the new year can start off with snow and sleet.   While any wet weather early Monday shouldn’t last long, it could make things interesting.   For those outdoors at the stroke of midnight, a cold rain may be falling, so bundle up.    Gusty winds will usher in drier, yet very cold conditions for a large part of next week.

Happy New Year!

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