More Rain And Cold

Plus, A Year In The Making

The cold air that arrived in time for Christmas Day is merely an appetizer.   The main course will come to start off 2018!   Sandwiched in-between, there will be the typical ups and downs of weather, including a couple mild days, and another storm or two.

The latest storm will bring a cold rain through the midday and early afternoon hours of Wednesday.   A couple sleet pellets may even mix in with the rain well northwest of I-85.   After a lull Wednesday night into Thursday, another round of wet weather will traverse the Gulf of Mexico, likely remaining south of our area for Thursday night.

Brighter, milder weather begins to take shape Friday into the last weekend of 2017.   The question is whether or not a large storm arrives just in time to start off 2018.   There will certainly be fresh cold air moving in at that time, along with gusty winds.  So, if the storm doesn’t miss, it is possible for a combination of rain, snow and sleet Sunday night into Monday.   Stay tuned, and stay warm.   The coldest air since last January is headed our way.

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